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We have the best selection of fabrics at bargain prices - a quick and convenient way to buy fabrics for sewing and repair


large selection of fabrics
fast and high quality delivery
individual approach to each client
Optimal prices for all types of fabrics


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Cotton fabric Denim

100% cotton, dense, flexible and durable material, used for sewing jeans, jackets, hats, bags and other products.
Price - $13/m

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Woolen fabric Tweed

100% wool, lightweight and soft to the touch, drapes well, can withstand repeated washing, ideal for the manufacture of women's clothing.
Price - $16/m

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Synthetic fabric plisse

100% polyester, lightweight, smooth, shiny material that drapes and does not roll. Ideal for sewing evening dresses, jackets, skirts and more.
Price - $19/m

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About Us:

For a number of years now, Fabrico, our company, has been distributing top-notch fabrics throughout Russia. Our store is stocked with a diverse selection of fabrics that come in varying textures, colors, and compositions. Whatever your creative endeavors may be, we have got you covered - whether it's fashioning clothes or textiles, or crafting home decor items.

Fabrico provides you with an extensive assortment of top-quality fabrics that are manufactured in the finest factories globally. We strictly adhere to the highest quality standards and consistently stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the textile fashion industry to ensure that we can offer you the best materials available.

Why exactly work with our company:

We aspire to fulfill all the requirements of our clients with regards to the variety and quality of our fabrics. Our commitment to delivering swift service, an extensive product range, and the most competitive prices in the market is guaranteed. By collaborating with us, you can rest assured that you'll receive premium quality fabrics, as well as complimentary guidance on fabric selection and usage. Get in touch with us today, and we'll help you bring any creative project you have envisioned to life.

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